“I firmly believe there is nothing more crucial to the filmmaking process than effective collaboration. The independent film industry can be extremely difficult to navigate alone, but supporting your peers and working with like-minded creatives to learn and develop can make that journey a lot more enjoyable, and ultimately, successful”


Jakob is an ambitious filmmaker with a penchant for dark, disturbing tales, mysterious characters and strong visuals. Inspirations include Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Nolan and Denis Villeneuve.


Having written and directed our first short film HARLEQUIN, Jakob then co-wrote and actually starred in our next effort, CONSCIENTIA. 


Keep an eye out for Jakob’s next film IT CALLS ME, which is set to shoot in Spring 2020, as well as his influence as producer on the rest of our upcoming shorts.




“Find an idea. It doesn’t matter where it comes from, just find it. Follow that idea through; shot by shot, moment by moment, scene by scene. If by the end you enjoyed the journey, turn it into something that others can experience and enjoy with you.”


Nick is a writer and filmmaker, with tastes and aspirations spanning many genres. His inspirations include Denis Villeneuve, Guillermo del Toro and David Fincher.


Having been involved in the creative process of bringing Jakob’s HARLEQUIN to the screen, Nick co-wrote and stepped behind the camera himself to direct his debut short, CONSCIENTIA.


Nick is once again teaming up with Jakob to be part of the creative team behind the scenes on the upcoming IT CALLS ME, and is working tirelessly to build his screenwriting portfolio.


Writer/Casting Director


“Writing is your passport to go anywhere. It’s your license to do anything. It’s a gateway to be anyone. It’s a playground for creativity. Each story you jump into is an adventure. Embrace it. Experiment. Be bold. Be brave. Enjoy it. You never know where you’ll end up.”


Cory is a writer with a distinct taste for telling psychological tales that heavily embrace character. His inspirations include Lynne Ramsay, Vince Gilligan and Damien Chazelle.


Cory has written his first short film, I LOVE YOU GUYS, which is currently in development and set to shoot in early 2020.


He has a number of other projects in the pipeline, including another short which will see him make his directorial debut next year.

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