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JUMPCUT STUDIOS was established in late 2015, and was founded by Jakob Lewis Barnes and Nick Deal as a means to taking matters into their own hands and making the films they wanted to make. 


An independent film production company in the heart of Yorkshire, we are always looking to connect and collaborate with creatives around the U.K. and beyond. Whether you’re a writer, a director, an actor or a runner; whatever your role in the filmmaking process is, we want to hear from you.


“Our goal is always to craft stories which are not only original and entertaining, but thought-provoking too. Film is a truly special medium with uncapped potential to operate on so many levels and offer each member of the audience a different experience to the next. It is this unique wonder of the storytelling process that inspires us to make films”



© 2019 JUMPCUT STUDIOS LTD is a registered private limited company - company number 11903623

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